Red Hood, el hijo más sangriento



Raph, how are you—nevermind. I’m just gonna keep looking at you for a long time.

Thor: God of Thunder #20

Giorgio Comolo; Galactus & Silver Surfer

The beginning of the end of the solar system.
Galactus and Silver Surfer, by George Munteanu.

Fantastic Four Vs Galactus - Fan Art
Created by John Gallagher (Uncanny Knack)
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Sometimes I’m embarrassed to say I’m a fan of Marvel comics simply because a lot of their recent cross over events have just been kinda big, dumb and loud coupled with endless quip banter. However, Hickman’s Infinity has completely, utterly reignited my interest in the franchise.
This 2013 event was just… jaw-droppingly well written. It flows organically, full of great twists, well thought out converging subplots, poetic dialogue and character stories (mostly in the tie-ins) with some very beautiful art (You can actually tell Leinil Yu has improved since his work on Secret Invasion which I didn’t think was possible.)
Even the tie-ins are a great read (Thanos Rising is on my all time favorites list) and the ridiculously huge scale he’s working at with the Illumanti in New Avengers? Breathtaking.
If you’re interested in reading Marvel comics and think you’re ready to sink your teeth into a giant cross-over event, I HIGHLY, HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMEND reading INFINITY (even over Civil War)
I know Tumblr doesn’t have the biggest fanbase for Marvel Comics outside of stuff like Young Avengers or the like but yea.